Whole Foods - Responsibly Grown

Whole Foods Market introduction to their Responsibly Grown program. The rating system rewards responsible farmers and partners that are taking steps to protect human health, the environment and making progress in other key areas of sustainability. Shoppers can now make more informed decisions about where their produce is coming from and how they too can help make the world a little better.

The production took place in Austin, TX and Bakersfield, CA.

Behind the scenes:

Creative Director: Justin McClure
Director: Nicholas Vedros
Director of Photography: Michael Stine
Director of Photography: Ian Rigby
Aerial: Sylar Nielsen
Producer: Logan Adermatt1st 
Assistant Camera: Leslie Frid
2nd Assistant Camera : Amber Barrera
1st Assistant Camera : Dustin Miller
2nd Assistant Camera: Brian Freeman
Script: Phil Gable
Production Assistant: Thomas Harbert
Production Assistant: Bao Truong
Sound: Ben Lazard
Key Grip: Rob Janecka
Gaffer: Todd Smiley
Chef / Food Stylist: Hannah Crow Hicks
Food Stylist Assistant: Julia Davis
Hair & Make-up: April Swartz

Editing / Post-Production: Justin McClure Creative
Design / Animation: Nicole Shobe
Project Manager: Kristen Fisher
Audio / Sound Design: Evolution Audio

Anthony’s Vineyard
Grimmway Farms
Round Rock Honey Co
Austin Bees
Austin Models & Talent: Suzanne Harman
Calliope Talent: Hector Machado
Pastorini Bosby Talent: Dave Maldonado, John Lansch