Cinematography Showreel

There are so many amazing people to thank for making this cinematography reel possible.
Here’s our best stab at listing all the talented folks involved. Thank you!
Editors: Chase Banister, Nicole Shobe
Music: The Phantom - Made for this
Directors of Photography: Isaac Alongi, Chase Banister, Kevin Bryan, Justin Cary, Michael De Moor,
Ian Rigby, Michael Stine, Matt White, Nicholas Vedros, Cory Vetter
1st ACs: Dave Adams, Amber Barrera, Andrew Claycomb, Chris Commons, Megan Commons, David Dunsmoore,
Brian Freeman, Leslie Frid, Dustin Lutt, Derek Lowery, Dustin Miller, Sylar Nielsen, Bryan Keeler, Philippe Rodiers,
Brian Totoro, Alec Walterscheid
Producers and Assistants: Logan Adermatt, Sara Beechner, Jan Van den Bossche, Josh Duncan, Kristen Fisher,
Thomas Harbert, Norma Sardy, Bao Truong
Gaffers: Todd Smiley, Scott Sunday, Bill Thomas, Gordy Jorian
Grips: Neil Bontrager, Mike Cranmer, Mel Graham, Ryan Graffeo, Nick Hughes, Rob Janecka, Abby Sage
Prop Master: Mickey Grier
Food Stylist: Hannah Crow Hicks, Julia Davis, Sarah Hunt
Hair & Makeup: April Swartz, Maria Flowers, Brook Cero
Wardrobe: Sara Hobson
Sound: Ben Lazard, Josh Duncan
Project Managers: Jason Green, Jordan Hull, Kristen Fisher

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