Citation Longitude

Through a collaboration with Jajo, Inc. we concepted produced and edited this product video for the Cessna Citation Longitude. 



Agency: Jajo, Inc.
Copywriter: Matt Nelson, Jajo
Account Manager: Evan Fast, Jajo
Director: Justin McClure
Director of Photography: Isaac Alongi, Kevin Bryan and Matt White
Air to Air Photography: Roger Tonry
1st AC: Megan Bryan and Bryan Keeler
2nd AC: Chris Commons
DIT: Abby Sage
Gaffer: Bill Thomas

Grips: Nick Hughes, Mel Graham and Neil Bontrager
Jimmy Jib: Alec Walterscheid
Stylists: Amani Skalacki & Sunghi Yoo
Hair & Makeup: Michele Taylor & Jessica Frieze
Production Assistant: Joyce Burnett
Post Production: Justin McClure Creative
Creative Director: Justin McClure
Design/Animation: Nicole Shobe
Project Manager: Kristen Fisher


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