Justin McClure Creative's New Client: Crowdscribed


Wichita Business Journal - Emily Belhmann
November 13, 2013

A new national crowdfunding platform for books is launching in Oklahoma City, and at the center of its marketing efforts is a video produced by Justin McClure Creative in Wichita.

As the video explains, CrowdScribed LLC aims to β€œconnect authors and readers early in the process, letting the crowd choose what books get published.”

At CrowdScribed.com, authors submit manuscripts and readers can preview them and vote for them to be published or make monetary donations. If the manuscript reaches vote and financial targets, CrowdScribed will publish it or represent the book to a traditional publisher, or the author can take the earnings and self-publish.

Authors can also upload partial manuscripts and seek feedback.

According to the Justin McClure Creative video, which outlines a brief history of publishing through animations, the concept helps authors because they can appeal directly to readers without a publisher standing in the way. It helps readers, the video says, because they can use the platform to find books that fit their interests that they otherwise might miss in a deluge of self-published books. The platform also facilitates interaction between authors and readers.

Justin McClure