2014 October Newsletter

The past few months have been a scream! We've had a lot of fun working on some great projects with amazing clients. More stuff to come, but here's a few sweet treats for you to enjoy this Halloween.



Think twice before you take that scary picture this Halloween. In this Syfy Original Movie, a photographer inherits an antique camera along with the curse it holds. After taking pictures, he discovers the subjects die or disappear and it’s up to him to uncover the mystery and reverse the curse. We designed and animated the end page and logo.


Dark Haul is an action-packed creature feature that aired during Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween. The Syfy Original Movie uncovers a cryptic prophesy as guardians transport a deadly creature in an 18-wheeler truck. We designed and animated the title cards and end page.



If you love scary movies, check out ChillerTV.com. It's Scary Good movies all the time. While you're hooked on watching some of your favorites, look for the channel promos that we had the opportunity to work on. We designed and animated transitional elements, lower thirds and the logo for Throwback Thursday.



What if we could change the behaviors of our fellow humans? Crowd Control, a new series starting November 24th on National Geographic Channel explores just that. Experiments are put in place to determine how we react and adapt to situations around us. We had a lot of fun working on the design and animations for this promo.



In this operatic version of Cinderella, gone are the glass slippers, pumpkin turning into a carriage and the fairy godmother. The same great rags to riches love story and evil stepsisters remain. We had the opportunity to work with Talmadge Powell Creative on the latest campaign for Tulsa Opera. The two-day video production took place at a green screen studio in Tulsa and was shot using the RED and Phantom cameras. Romeo & Juliet and Of Mice and Men will round out Tulsa Opera's 14/15 season. Check out some behind the scenes here.



Before eating all that junk food and sugar this Halloween check out this infographic we designed for Eat: The Story of Food, a new series premiering on National Geographic Channel this November. We designed an additional six infographics that were used in the channel's marketing and public relations efforts to promote the new shows. View them all on our website.

Justin McClure